Go Shin Kai Aikido

“Stick to the basics....and everything else will fall into place”

Late Shihan William Smith 6th Dan So Hombu

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Many thanks for taking the time to visit us.

Here at Go Shin Kai, we pride ourselves on being open and available to all who wish to learn the wonderful art of Aikido.

Aikido does not discriminate gender, race or religious believes, but all we ask is that regardless of all the above…you respect or instructors by following what they are teaching.

Please spend some time looking though our website for any information that may help you make a conscious decision on starting Aikido at one of our many clubs through our the UK


House of Harmonious Spirit


About Go Shin Kai

Go Shin Kai has been created through the amalgamation of five founding Clubs.  These clubs range in size and geographical location throughout the United Kingdom.  

The founding clubs are Bloomsbury Aikido Club, Gloucester Aikido Club, Kidderminster Aikido Club,  and Zanshin-Kai Aikido Club. The inception of the new house was to help keep the teachings of Shihan William Smith in the body art, bokken and Jo alive whilst also following the teachings of present day instructors from Hombu Dojo.

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Go Shin Kai 

Who we are:

Go Shin Kai stand roughly 105 members strong and growing!    We are members of The British Aikido Board (BAB) who are recognised by Sport England , as the only governing body for aikido in the United Kingdom and is a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

Presently, Go Shin Kai cover North/Central Birmingham, Kidderminster & Wyre Forest, Gloucester, London  and Huddersfield.

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