Mike Smith Sensei Mike Smith 6th Dan Shidoin - GSK House Principal

Mike Smith

Sensei Mike Smith 6th Dan Shidoin -

GSK House Principal


Sensei Michael Smith has over 50 years’ experience in aikido and a wealth of weapons knowledge handed down from Shihan’s Chiba and Smith.

Sensei Michael Smith has worked his way up through the ranks from Head Fukushidoin, to the position of Shidoin while he was a member of the United Kingdom Aikikai.

A senior member for many years, he sat on the Technical committee and was also a trustee for Ren Shin Kan until the dojo moved from its Old Hill home.

His wealth of knowledge (handed down from Shihan William Smith) has proved to be invaluable to all students who have had his instruction whether they be regardless of organisation loyalties.

Throughout his Aikido career Mike Smith has maintained ties with many of the UK’s senior instructors who head their own organisations.

Mike Smith has been voted in as Go Shin Kai Principal by its members, a position that he proud and humbled to hold


Michael Smith began practising Aikido in 1968 with Mr W.J. Smith M.B.E, that year he was promoted to 5th Kyu on his first grading. It was later this year he met Chiba Sensei and soon realised that this was the path of Martial Arts training he wanted to take.

On being promoted to 3rd Kyu on his second grading by Chiba Sensei in early 1969, (this is when he joined the Aikikai of Great Britain) he embarked on almost eight years of dynamic concentrated training in Bokken, Jo, Bo, Iaido and of course the body art itself.

These years with Chiba Sensei, and under the strict instruction of Mr Smith gave him and many others a good realisation of Aikido, making the foundations of what is practised and taught today. Already being 1st Kyu he was given permission to wear Hakama in 1973 and then promoted to Shodan in 1974.

His progression took him to 6th Dan in January 2010, by the way of 2nd Dan in 1989, 3rd Dan in 1993, 4th Dan in 1996, and 5th Dan in 2002 gaining his coaching qualifications on the way, being awarded Fukushidoin in 1989, Senior Coach in 1994 and Coach Tutor for the British Aikido Board in 1995. In January 2000 he was promoted to Shidoin. Michael Smith is a Senior Instructor and also the association principal at the Go Shin Kai. Headquarters Dojo (Ren Sei Kan) at Kidderminster.