Mr Roger Douras Rokudan Shidoin Ren Sei Kan Aikido Club

Roger Douras

Mr Roger Douras Rokudan Shidoin


Roger Douras began practising Aikido in 1967 at the Birmingham Athletic Institute under the instruction of Sensei Ralph Reynolds who also taught at Hampstead House Community Centre, West Heath where he first met the ‘gaffer’ Mr W.J. Smith M.B.E.

He trained under Chiba Sensei at Leicester. His progression took him to Fukushidoin status in 1986 and Coach recognition in December in 1992 and Senior Coach 18th November 2001. He gained Shodan August 27th 1977 by Chiba Sensei, Nidan July 30th 1985 by M.Fujita Sensei – M.Kanetsuka Sensei, Sandan July 18th 1989 – Chiba Sensei and Yondan August 19th 1996 – W.J.Smith Sensei – G.Jones Sensei and Rokudan/Shidoin March 24th 2002, and promotion to 6th Dan Shidoin 2014.

Roger is a Senior Instructor at the Go Shin Kai. Headquarters Dojo (Ren Sei Kan) at Kidderminster.