Oak Tanto - 29.5cm - by NineCircles

Oak Tanto - 29.5cm - by NineCircles


Available in:

Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons.  These weapons have a straight, fine & consistent grain throughout their length and have the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

Aka Kashi - Top class red oak Japanese weapons.  Red oak is slightly more dense than White oak, producing slightly heavier weapons usually.  A great alternative to the Shiro Kashi, with a wider grain which runs through the length of the weapon.

Chaironuri Kashi - Brown stained oak weapons.  Made from the same high class Shiro Kashi, but selected for staining due to less consistent natural finish.

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What facilities and equipment are required?

Practice is normally conducted on a matted area using judo mats. Participants wear judo or karate suits. Wooden practice weapons bokken and jo are required as the beginner progresses in some associations.