Zanshin Aikidogi Gi - by NineCircles

Zanshin Aikidogi Gi - by NineCircles

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Lovingly crafted from top quality materials, the Zanshin Aikidogi balances the ultimate in comfort with the practical cut and toughness for which our Aikido clothing is renowned.

Suitable for both beginners and experts alike, if you are looking for a great value Gi which will last for years, is soft and comfortable and which look greats, then look no further, the Zanshin model is the solution for you.  Includes a white belt.

Features Include:

500g Sashiko Ori Fabric - Softer and more comfortable than other 500g fabrics on the market, this specialised version of the classic Aikidogi material features bold rice grain stitching.

Tailored Aikido Sleeves - The traditional cut tailored sleeves are the perfect length to subtly expose the wrist for grabbing attacks and just the right aperture for comfort and style.

Minimised Seams & Reinforcement - With a single seam design located at the sides of the Gi, this model elminates unneccessary bulky reinforcements and bumpy back seams to improve comfort during Ukemi and general use.

Double Layer Koshi Bubun - Double thickness diamond weave fabric on the lower part of the Gi maintains durability in a common area of weakness in lesser quality models.

Suwari Waza Reinforcement - Mid-weight canvas trousers feature a double thickness at the shin and knee to add protection from friction and increase longevity.

Shrink to Fit Sizing - Heavily pre-shrunk, the Gi are cut to shrink to fit with the first few hot washes.  After initial shrinkage we advise regular washing at 40 degrees with softener for comfort.

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Benefits of Aikido

Since Aikido does not require physical strength or aggressive spirit, it can be practised by people of all ages and sexes. Based on full and natural body movement, Aikido exercises the whole body. It teaches and develops flexibility, co-ordination, balance and quick reaction. Because Aikido is essentially a method of practical self-defence, the practitioner will eventually acquire a sound basis of quick reaction and effective movement which should prove useful if an occasion should demand it in real life.