Jon P

Testimonial Jon P.

MY name in Jon P and I have been attending classes at Ren Sei Kan since the beginning of 2016

I am a Tactical Combat Instructor with TCA, I have 10 years experience in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as well as other location around the world.

Ren Sei Kan Aikido has helped me to enhance all my previous skills including weapons handling. 

I am ex-military, a qualified personal trainer, with a boxing background since I was 6, and a mixed martial arts, kung Fu, and Ju Jitsu instructor training.

Ren Sei Kan Aikido has taught me that Aikido is a science, which is the most complex martial arts that I have been taught in, these new skills have advanced and enhanced my performance in all the other disciplines. I highly recommend it to anyone with a combative fighting requirement as well as to those that are new to martial arts.