At Ren Sei Kan we are constantly looking for feed back so that we can improve our training and instruction to our students


Testimonial Gary H

My name is Gary Harper and I joined RSK in December 2014.

I have a history of studying other martial arts and have done so for the last 30 years. 

I came to Ren Sai Kan as I wanted to improve my knowledge of.....



Testimonial Jon P

MY name in Jon P and I have been attending classes at Ren Sei Kan since the beginning of 2016

I am a Tactical Combat Instructor with TCA, I have 10 years experience in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Ren Sei Kan Aikido has helped me.....


Testimonial Tim L

Tim first practiced Aikido in the 1980s, shortly after starting out on a 30 year career as a police officer. He found the range of techniques and martial principles, together with the philosophy of controlling an attacker with the minimum of force, greatly enhanced his skills in dealing with confrontation and violence in his daily work. 

        "It was quite different from other martial arts I had practiced and I was.....