Tim L

Tim first practiced Aikido in the 1980s, shortly after starting out on a 30 year career as a police officer. He found the range of techniques and martial principles, together with the philosophy of controlling an attacker with the minimum of force, greatly enhanced his skills in dealing with confrontation and violence in his daily work. 

        "It was quite different from other martial arts I had practiced and I was hooked on my first lesson!"

   He was subsequently awarded Sandan in 1992 by the late Sensei Tamura Nobuyoshi 8th Dan.

         "I would say that my Aikido studies, not only complimented my professional development but also supported my personal growth and what Im about as an individual"

  Ironically, work commitments prevented Tim from practicing for a number of years but upon retirement and a move to Shropshire, he resumed training with Sensei Paul Evans 5th Dan, under the leadership of Brian Burrows 7th Dan Shihan at Shun Poo Kan Aikido.

          "I was a little apprehensive at going back onto the mat after so many years but I was warmly welcomed by Paul, Brian and their students - something I have found is the norm wherever I have practised in the world" 

   He achieved Yondan in 2016.

 Through Shun Poo Kan, Tim was introduced to Sensei Mike Smith (6th dan ) Principal at Goshinkai Aikido, Kidderminster and now practices regularly at both SPK and Goshinkai.  

           "The continual improvement process of physical and mental refinement, the obvious health benefits and enjoyment of training and constant learning with a diverse group of people, is what drives me now"